Female Students Threaten To Quit School Because Of Hard Jobs


 Two female students posted a video on social media expressing their dismay, frustration, and confusion about the Ghana Education System. The young ladies who updated the video on Tik Tok busily loading and parking woods.

The ladies argued in the video that they were sent to school to study but instead, they are being used as laborers. The ladies opined that they believe school is a scam and threaten they might quit schooling if something is not done about the situation. Schools using students for unnecessary and hard jobs such as weeding, farming, and in this case, parking woods while they should be studying isn’t a new thing in Ghanaian schools hence social media users who chanced on the video suggested that they had it worst so the young ladies should endure.

But the fact is because something has been normalized and accepted by society doesn’t mean that it is right. What are your thoughts?

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