Kofa Technologies Set To Launch Electric Motorcycles In Ghana

Native Ghanaian energy innovation organization, Kofa, has declared the introduction of its top-of-the-line battery-controlled bikes into the Ghanaian market.

This follows an effective experimental run program that tried the strength and proficiency of the imaginative bikes and batteries in Ghana. A series of dispatch and logistics organizations, such as Graphic Courier partook in a six-month pilot test.

Electric motorcycles are acquiring ubiquity around the world, primarily for their interesting potential benefit of cost reserve funds, smooth riding experience, better execution, and lower environmental effect as they don’t depend on fuel. They accordingly, don’t straightforwardly produce smoke and different toxins into the environment. A superior option for the cutting-edge age.

The founder and CEO of Kofa, Erik Nygard, said the organization had invested vigorously in its kind of bikes, batteries and trade stations to guarantee its consistent and effective introduction into the market.

“It has been a pleasure working with our pilot customers and forward-thinking business like Graphic Courier to test the capabilities of an electric motorcycle, it has provided a lot of learnings that we have already used to improve our products and services, we are ready”.

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The CEO of Graphic Courier, Nathan K.V.S, communicated the expectation that bringing the Kofa bikes into Ghana will be an incredible expansion of different methods for conveyance.

“We have had the privilege of pilot testing one of the Kofa bikes, and apart from the cost savings, its ability to reduce the impact on the environment by not emitting pollutants is key.”

Kofa’s focus is giving consistent access to charged swappable batteries through its Swap and Go framework. Batteries can be gotten at any of the Kofa Swap Stations which are at present being introduced around the city of Accra. This implies when a rider runs out of charge on their batteries, they just head to a trade station and trade their drained batteries for newly charged batteries quicker than it takes to fill a tank of petroleum.

Going electric with the Kofa batteries and electric bike can convey reserve funds of up to 30% contrasted with petroleum.

Kofa Technologies Ltd. is a Ghanaian organization that zeroes in on energy needs by re-designing how individuals access energy. Our vision is to make a reasonable and client-driven power network controlled by sustainable power utilizing convenient batteries, accordingly assisting with numerous utilization cases from non-renewable energy sources. Beginning with electric motorcycles as our most memorable use case, we will then, at that point, drive mass reception of environmentally friendly power by opening our battery organization to control individuals’ homes and organizations.