Your no remarking directive is unfair, unjust, arbitrary, unconscionable – LSG ‘fires’ GLC

The Law Society of Ghana (LSG) has berated the General Legal Council (GLC) for its directive for students to sign an undertaking that bars them from seeking remarking of their examination papers or a review of their results.

In a statement issued on August 3, the LSG said that the directive of the GLC is unreasonable since it infringes on the rights of the students to ensure that they have a fair chance of entering the Ghana School of Law.

It added that the directive of the council does not promote transparency in admission into the Law School but will only promote corruption and abuse of power.

“The Law Society of Ghana (LSG) is concerned about the directive by the General Legal Council (GLC), requiring examination candidates who wish to sit for the Law School Entrance Examination to sign an undertaking which takes away their right to seek redress for problems which will arise out of the examinations.

“The LSG’s concern arises mainly out of the fact that the GLC is the National Body established by law responsible for the training and licensing of lawyers to practice in Ghana as well as regulating the practice of Law in Ghana. The LSG shares the concerns raised by the students. And many well-meaning Ghanaians who have spoken against this unfair, unjust, arbitrary, and unconscionable directive from the GLC.

“What exactly is the intention behind this directive in the first place? What is the GLC trying to achieve? Like many Ghanaians, the LSG also believes that this directive, if allowed to prevail, has the likelihood of potential conduit to breeding corruption, nepotism, and the abuse of power,” parts of the statement issued by the LSG read.

The GLC, which is responsible for admissions into the Ghana School of Law, is reported to have asked the students to sign an undertaking which states categorically that they cannot request remarking of their exam papers and/or review of their marks.

“The General Legal Council (GLC) has over the years established credible, rigorous and well-benchmarked systems and procedures for assessing answer booklets and re-checking of same for all candidates before examination results are released.

“Thus, the decision of the General Legal Council in respect of the published results of the Entrance Examination shall be final. No request for re-marking of scripts, re-tallying of scores or review of marks shall be accepted. Candidates cannot also request to see their marked answer scripts or the marking schemes used for marking the questions.

“In view of the above, I undertake to accept without question, the decision of the General Legal Council in respect of the published results of the Entrance Examination as final,” parts of the undertaking read.

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