P.H.D: The 3 principles on which Kennedy Agyapong’s 2024 presidential campaign will be anchored

The 2024 presidential campaign by the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, will be anchored on the principles of Patriotism, Honesty and Discipline.

A viral photo of Kennedy Agyapong’s presidential bid captures the three words which have been abbreviated as P.H.D.

A close associate of the Assin Central MP confirmed the authenticity of the fliers to GhanaWeb and stressed that the MP will, in the coming weeks, give detailed explanations to those three words.

Kennedy Agyapong who has confirmed his decision to contest the flagbearer slot of the New Patriotic Party has expressed his desire to instil discipline in the public sector.

In an appearance on Oman FM, Kennedy Agyapong vowed to sack appointees who report to work late. He believes that such action will set the standard for discipline in all facets of the public sector.

He also promised to fire all ministers who are found to have misappropriated public funds.

“In 2024 I’m contesting and I tell you two things. I will never receive salary. I will buy my own motorcade. I don’t want anything from the government. If my tenure ends too, I will leave all the cars I bought as a motorcade to the state”, he said.

“If I did not come to embezzle money as a President and you as a Minister you engage in corruption I will fire you’, he added.

Kennedy Agyapong recently criticized the Akufo-Addo administration for running to the International Monetary Fund for economic salvation.

According to him, the persons that led the NPP government to IMF cannot be trusted to deliver the party’s ‘break the 8’ objective.

“Going to the IMF is just like handing over power to the NDC straight away because of the noise we made. Throwing my own words back when I said the NDC went to the IMF because of the mismanagement of the economy or the government. So if NPP is going to IMF what am I going to say.

“So ‘breaking the 8’ is going to be tough. You cannot use the faces of those who took us to the IMF to ‘break the 8’. It will not work. My message to you is simple, you can read my lips and I am not scared of anybody in the party,” Mr. Agyapong disclosed.

He continued: “What I tell you is the gospel truth, those who took you to IMF they cannot, these same faces, they cannot ‘break the 8’. A word to a wise person is enough. I was very sad today when I saw the publication that we are going to the IMF.”