Kanye West Reveals Plans To Run For President Again

Kanye West Reveals Plans To Run For President Again. According to Kanye West, “[Last] Time Wasn’t In God’s Time,” he intends to run for president once more. On “Good Morning America,” the 45-year-old opened out on the direction of his political career. One of the most tumultuous moments of the year was Kanye West’s unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2020. Despite losing by an enormous margin and receiving just over 70,000 votes overall, the father of four isn’t letting that stop him from running for office again in the future.

The rapper sat down with Good Morning America earlier this week to discuss a variety of topics, including his parenting style, his faith, his future hopes to be president, and his opinions on his on-going battle with Adidas and GAP.

Kanye West Reveals Plans To Run For President Again

West responded “definitely” when asked if he intended to get more involved in politics in the future. In reference to his disastrous bid to unseat Donald Trump as president in the most recent election, he continued, “That moment wasn’t in God’s time.”

It’s no secret that the founder of Yeezy is a deeply spiritual man, and from what it sounds like, he fully believes that the Lord will grant him his desires in due season.

Ye discussed his viewpoint throughout his conflicts with Adidas and GAP officials in other conversations with the ABC News team. “There was a general disdain for the voice of a project that I helped establish. At Adidas, I helped to build the product. I was a part of the

“That means I wasn’t there for Yeezy GAP to be what it might be or for this fantasy I had about what the GAP could be. I was there for some specific objective. It’s time for me to start doing things my way.

West’s current strategy, according to him, is to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of the industry. “We needed to advance. Really let them know who the new ruler is and that I am in charge of myself. I’m not just the guy riding the polo horse anymore,” he proclaimed.

You know, just learn financial engineering. “I’m not just a mascot in the middle of the games, gettin’ the crowd hyped sayin’, ‘Hey, wear this, do this. Kanye West Reveals Plans To Run For President Again.