Kissing 2Pac was “disgusting” – Jada Pinkett Smith

Kissing 2Pac was “disgusting” – Jada Pinkett Smith. In a 2015 interview with Howard Stern, the mother of two referred to the late rapper as “a revolutionary without a revolution.”

Hip-hop fans have frequently conjectured that Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac may have been each other’s “the one that got away” before the rapper’s untimely death, but a recently-rediscovered interview from 2015 shows the actress debunking those notions to Howard Stern.

The host didn’t think twice to press the mother of two by asking, “How were you not drawn to Tupac?” Many have questioned how she managed to resist the temptation that was right in front of her in the shape of one of her closest friends.

In 1996, Tupac Shakur and American actress Jada Pinkett Smith were photographed together. In this picture, Mychal Watts/WireImage
“At the Baltimore School of the Arts, I met Tupac. Pinkett Smith recounted, “We went to high school together. The West Coast artist was certainly charismatic, but he was also destitute. He reportedly had two sets of jeans and two sweaters when she met him.

The 51-year-old supported the rumors when Stern asked if ‘Pac was as “gangsta as we all imagined he was.” He led a revolution without leading one. That kind of energy simply shifted into something else, she said.

Asked if she believed the “All Eyez On Me” singer was in love with her because of the lovely poetry he wrote in her honor, Pinkett Smith responded, “It is so funny. Now that I’m older, I can better comprehend what that was about.

Tupac’s poem about Jada Pinkett Smith is so beautiful:

— edgar alexander (@opulentedgar) June 16, 2017
“When you have two young people who have very strong feelings but there is no physical chemistry… between us at all. And it wasn’t even just for me. It was him too.”

The host of Red Table Talk revealed that she once requested a kiss from Tupac just to see what would happen. Kiss for both of us when I tell you that had to be the most repulsive thing.

Stern speculates that their “platonic” connection may have contributed to the lack of sex chemistry, while Pinkett Smith gave a more esoteric reason.

The Baltimore native said, “The best way I can phrase it is the ‘Higher Power’ just did not want it. “I feel as though Pac and I might have killed each other if we had any kind of sexual chemistry because we were both so passionate and deeply in love,” she said.

In the same interview, Pinkett Smith claimed that because 2Pac was aware of her love for him, she didn’t feel bad about their strained relationship at the time of his passing.