Mother of YNW Melly Reacts to Report of Prison Escape

The mother of YNW Melly claims that the claim that her son was engaged in an escape plan from prison is untrue.

Jamie Demons-King, YNW Melly’s mother, claims that the current news about her son being involved in a jail escape scheme is a falsehood intended to damage her son’s reputation before the jury pool for his future trial is selected. Melly has been charged by the Florida Sheriff’s Office with being the mastermind of an inmate escape scheme.

In a video posted to social media, Demons-King said, “Ok, so I’m at work and I just saw this crazy ass story — first of all, this is just another ploy for them to try and actually ruin my son’s character and everything.” They fear that letting him meet with an attorney in person will result in ineffective representation.

The rapper’s capacity to properly contact with his family and legal counsel has already been blocked by the State by denying him phone access, she continued.

“So as we prepare to select a jury, maybe in the next two weeks, it will be ‘Oh, this kid tried to escape,'” she continued. Oh, this youngster attempted to accomplish all of these things. And because they lack a case, everything is a lie. And until he is free, it will still be Free Melly.

After being charged with two charges of premeditated first-degree murder in 2019, Melly has been in prison for three years. If found guilty, he would serve a life sentence.

YNW Melly’s mother says prison escape story was devised to tarnish rapper’s case

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) October 1, 2022