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Will Smith Reflects On New Film “Emancipation” After 1st Screening

Will Smith Reflects On New Film “Emancipation” After 1st Screening. Following a recent screening, Will Smith gave a speech on his new movie “Emancipation” for the first time since the Oscars. Following the film’s debut screening on Saturday at the NAACP-hosted 51st Annual Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Will Smith discussed his choice to play the lead in the upcoming movie Emancipation. The remarks marked Smith’s first time speaking in front of an audience since his controversial slap on Oscars host Chris Rock.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith stated, “I’ve turned down several projects that were set in slavery during my career.” I never intended to display ourselves in that manner. And suddenly this image appeared. This movie does not deal with slavery. This movie is about having freedom. This movie is about perseverance. This movie deals with faith.

Will Smith

Smith is one of the stars in the Antoine Fuqua-directed film Emancipation, which also stars Ben Foster and Steven Ogg.

Smith remarked, “This is a movie about a man’s heart—what could be dubbed the first viral image. “When cameras first appeared, the picture of a whipped Peter quickly spread throughout the world. The tale erupted and flourished in my heart, and I wanted to be able to tell it to you in a way that only Antoine Fuqua could. It was a rallying cry against slavery.

Although no exact date has been set, Emancipation is anticipated to launch on Apple TV+ some time in 2023. Smith will not be permitted to attend the Oscars if the movie is popular enough to receive a nomination from the academy because he has been suspended for ten years.

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