“I was just doing the Lord’s work” – Man says as recounts how he prevented couple from fornicating at a cinema


Young man has narrated how he prevented two amorous couple from fornicating at a cinema in Port Harcourt.

According to the man, he had gone to see a late night movie at a film house in Port Harcourt when he noticed a lovey-dovey couple making suggestive body movements.

After a while, the couple got up from where they were sitting and moved towards the back.

Reasoning that they were about to have a more intimate moment, the young man stated that he stood up and followed them to the back seat.

He revealed that afterwards, while he was waiting for his bolt ride at the car park, the lady was giving him a baleful look.

Read his narration below:

“I went to watch a late night movie at filmhouse in ph. This couple were seated in front of me, being touchy and mushy. After a while, they stood up and went to the back and I joined them too. I knew they wanted to move to the second phase of fornication, but not on my watch.

I met them at the car park after the movie and as I was waiting for my bolt ride to arrive, the babe kept looking at me like she wanted to deck me. If eyes could kill, I wouldn’t be here telling this story. I was just doing the lord’s work”


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