Lasisi Elenu queries heavily pregnant fiancée as she drives to filling station to satisfy craving of fuel’s smell


Lasisi Elenu, a popular comedian, laments his fiancée’s pregnancy cravings after she drove to a gas station just to smell it.

The gorgeous couple stepped out looking dapper in a video shared on their Instagram page.

Lasisi Elenu said he thought the stories told about pregnant women having unimaginable cravings were tales. However, he is experiencing it in reality through his fianceé.

Lasisi jokingly said his fiancée’s cravings scare him as he revealed that they drove to a fueling station just so she could smell fuel. He also showered praises on pregnant women.

He wrote:

“Thought those stories of pregnant women having ritualist and Ogbanje cravings were mere tales, My brother my sisters, I say unto you, It is not oo.
Forget this video wey we Dey do like Normal human being, nothing is normal. I repeat nothing is Normal. this woman’s urges Dey always fear me.
Because how can, how can someone want to just take a drive to “filing station” To smell fuel
Abeg na YAMAHA generator Dey your belle
Shoutout to All the mothers and pregnant women”


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