Migos Broke Up Over A Woman – Travis Porter

Migos Broke Up Over A Woman – Travis Porter. The Atlanta rap group discussed the separation of the Migos. One of the hottest groups to come out of the Atlanta club scene before Migos was Travis Porter. Years have passed since the group, which comprises of Strap Da Fool, Ali and Quez’s stepbrothers, produced a project. However, the group has returned with all-new material as they get ready to join the Millennium Tour: Turned Up.

The “Make It Rain” rappers discussed the Migos breaking up in a recent appearance with the We In Miami podcast, stating that the breakup was supposedly caused by a woman. Strap said, “It’s always over a b****,” while Ali offered, “It was about a b****.” Cardi B, Offset’s wife, was inquired about by the presenter, but neither guest confirmed or denied it. But, said Strap, “Ni****s are slaughtered over a b****. Break up over p****y, Ni****.

Since the Nawfside band broke up earlier this year, fans have come up with their own explanations for why it happened. But Quavo and Takeoff opened up about their split from Offset after revealing the Only Built For Infinity Links album’s October 7th release date. Quavo stated, “We want to see our career as a partnership.” “Because we are descended from a devoted family that is meant to cooperate. And occasionally, when things don’t work out, they weren’t meant to be.

Regarding Travis Porter, the trio disclosed last year how a number of label problems, Bankroll Fresh’s dying, and interpersonal disputes contributed to their career’s downfall. On the No Jumper podcast, Ali admitted that “We wasn’t really just in tune all the way, or I wasn’t.” “[Jivelabel ]’s folded, so we were forced to join another label that didn’t really f*ck with us.”