Nigerian man cries back to his wife after getting dumped by side chick


A married man has lamented bitterly online after getting dumped by a young lady whom he planned to take in as a secret wife. 

According to the 39-year-old man named Gani, he fell in love with the lady in Akure, Nigeria while he was on a business trip but got disappointed and heartbroken despite his efforts. 

He narrated:  

“I met a corper called Leila on one of my business trips to Akure. I fell in love with her instantly and I was ready to marry her. She is calm, respectful, and very beautiful I furnished her apartment in Akure to make the place conducive for both of us.

“My trip to akure became frequent I told my wife it was business. Seven months into the relationship, I told Leila that I have a wife and children I father told her about my intention to secretly marry her and send her abroad after serving.

“Long story short Leila ended the relationship despite everything I promised her. I left Akure after all my efforts to make the relationship work was to no avail. 

“When I got home I hold my wife and started crying on her shoulder because of the breakfast I just got served. She started crying with me without even knowing the reason why.”

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