Woman welcomes baby girl after her only child prayed for siblings (Video)


In a moving video story, a Nigerian mother explains how God granted her son’s wish for a sibling.

The child arrived home from school crying and informed his mother that he wanted a baby brother and sister in a video that she put online.

The child, who was still wearing his uniform, sobbed on the floor and rolled around in tears as his concerned mother came over to see what was wrong.

She inquired about whether anyone had made fun of or teased him about being an only kid because she could tell he was upset, but the young boy was unable to respond.

His mother’s emotional reaction was also brought on by his nonstop crying; she had tears streaming from her eyes.

She Asked him to ask God for a sister and brother, but he quickly hugged his mother and fled the room when she finished speaking.

The mother disclosed that God heard his prayers and gave him a little sister toward the end of the video. Soon after the baby girl was born, she displayed her.

Watch the video below:


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