Cardi B Trolls Nicki Minaj With Remy Ma Photo As They Fire Each Other On Twitter – ThatCelebrity.Com


Nicki Minaj and Cardi B threw subliminal shots at each other on Twitter as the two rappers locked horns once again!

Cardi B was involved in a beef with JT from the City Girls, Nicki decided to get involved and Cardi clapped back.

Initially, Cardi B and JT went to war over some comments the City Girls rapper passed which Cardi didn’t like.

A fan mentioned JT and she responded by saying that Nicki was one of the only female rappers to credit her on her remix.

Since she’s worked with Cardi B in the past, not mentioning her was a direct shade to her which Cardi didn’t take lying down.

Angry, she fired back at JT, calling her Nicki Minaj’s ‘lapdog’.

“I hope you don’t think you no BULLY!!!” JT posted shortly afterwards. “Weiner dog.”

Amidst their back and forth, Nicki Minaj quickly changed her profile photo to that of JT, indicating her support for her.


Cardi B also fired back, changing her profile photo to that of rap legend Remy Ma, who has a longstanding beef with Nicki Minaj and is widely accepted as having murdered Onika the last time they beefed.



Nicki backed out not long after, changing her profile picture back to her own photo.

Cardi continued being petty and kept Remy Ma’s photo up!




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