Drama as woman cries uncontrollably because her hubby fails to satisfy her s3xually (watch)


A random lady has cried out over her husband not walking up to her to ask for s3x since they got married.

According to the lady, she said she has always being the one to make the move, and each time she does, she’d have to pleas with him before he gives in.

Furthermore, the woman said she believes that her husband is faithful to her, but what she doesn’t understand is why she needs to beg for s3x from her husband, when it is his duty to satisfy her s3xually.

This lady further stated that she is beginning to see her driver in a different limelight, because she can’t stand having s3x just once a week, but then she doesn’t want to cheat on her husband.

watch the video below


Men help the poor lady out.

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