Man expresses shock after seeing the hair his girlfriend collected N30k to make (Video)


A young Nigerian man questioned his girlfriend about her hairstyle after giving her some cash to get her hair done.

The guy said in a viral video that was uploaded on social media that he gave his girl a whooping N30,000 to have her hair done.

He made her display it in the video and then expressed surprise at what he saw because that was not how he had anticipated she would spend his cash.

But the girl laughed at him because she thought his comment was humorous.

Watch the video below:

See reactions gathered;

realchinnynnaji wrote: “E reach 30k if you enter 5 star salon”

ezeokpechidera wrote: “Ehen na she will eat at the salon,do nails, carve eyebrows and do small lashes ontop na”


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