Netizens gush as pretty lady takes food to her man who hawks (Video)


A young lady has stirred warm reactions from netizens after she disclosed the gesture she did for her lover.

The lady brought lunch to her man who hawks on the streets and captured the the beautiful moment in a video that has gone viral.

She first went to an eatery and bought food after which she took it to the precise place where her lover sells his wares.

The lady then yelled to him, and as soon as he saw her, he quickly went to meet his babe who was in a car. She complimented her husband by remarking on how much of a tireless “hustler” he is.

She softly caressed his chin in a viral video and told him that she had brought food.

His babe continued videoing him as he dropped the stuff he was selling under a tree and sat down to eat. Because he was a little shy, he asked her to stop filming, but she ignored him.
Watch the video below:


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