South African s3x worker retires. People laughed at her when she told them her next move


South African onlyfan star and prostitute Samke Nomagugu took to twitter to tell her fans that she is finally retiring.

People laughed at her when she said she wants to be on TV. They told her that her image is already ruined and no one wants to work with a former sex worker.

“I’m retiring. I want to focus on TV and building my brand.” She tweeted.

” No TV show will employ a sex worker.” Said @loveric.

” There is no need to tweet about everything.” Said @ilove_hlehle.

“Good luck Samke. Get the best working agent. I can’t wait to see you on our TV soon.” Said @DjMaverickSA.

” It’s funny how Pastors claim sex with many different people ties your soul with badluck, this doesn’t even look like bad luck, church goers and virgins are busy hustling and nothing is working but here she is succeeding. What about Christians?” Said @KhonadzzeoX.

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