How I met my sister for the first time inside a bus


A young lady has narrated how she met her half sister inside a school bus for the first time.

She stated they looked so much alike and people usually mistook them for each other whenever they got on the bus together. She was prompted to ask the young girl who her father is.

It turned out that they have the same dad and when her sister who lives with her dad confronted him, he tried to deny it but later opened up.

In her words:

“I met my sister on the school bus. People thought she was me and call her by my name. We asked each other who your parents were. we figured out we had the same dad. She went home and asked he tried to play crazy, crazy part is my mum moved me away 2 weeks later. Yes my dad and I are closer than ever and my family on his side we have a really good relationship.” 

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