Netizens slam Petty Mike for attending Don Jazzy’s mum’s burial with ladies wearing weird pant


Pretty Mike, a Nigerian controversial socialite, attended the funeral of Don Jazzy’s mother with a surprise for the other guests.

On Friday, the funeral was held in Lagos State. Pretty Mike, who is known for his bizarre gimmicks, decided to attend the funeral ceremony with eight women wearing long ‘pen*s pants’ in an attempt to steal the show.

The socialite was among the many celebrities who attended the funeral. Mike announced his presence and stated that he arrived for the funeral ceremony in “grand style.”

He wrote on the photo-sharing app, Instagram; “Out here doing what I do best, Putting smiles and confusion In people’s mind, believe what u want, But we just Laid Mummy to final Rest in Grand style”

Watch the video below:

Reacting to this, some Nigerians are not having and they took to social media to express their disappointment over Pretty Mike’s latest gimmick.

Amacah wrote: “Which Kain nonsense be this? Show some respect to people’s present there. This isn’t a club house, Mike. They should have walked him and his ladies with ‘Ibi’ out of the door. Ndi ala.”

iam24carat wrote: Na these kain girls dey make dem they see this gender finish. That’s why most men see women as nothing but what money can buy ‘

Spiderdike wrote: “Don Baba J suppose rebuke this guy later because this act looks very disrespectful honestly. I know that Don Jazzy is a very jovial man but his mother deserves some respect and her funeral should be that of respect and not mockery. This guy na complete mugu. And if nobody engages him, one day he would appear with [email protected] people on someone’s important event and that would be the end.”


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