Portable slams promoter who said US denied him visa for speaking Yoruba at embassy


Portable, a controversial street-hop artiste, has responded to some show promoters who claimed that his impolite behavior and decision to speak Yoruba at the embassy prevented him from obtaining a visa.

It may be recalled that two show promoters confronted him after he was denied a visa due to his alleged behavior at the embassy.

While one person claimed in a viral video that Portable insulted the Consular, another claimed that the singer was speaking Yoruba rather than English.

But in a video reaction, the singer noted that he has been to London, Cairo, Dubai, Kenya, Germany, and Turkey, yet the promoters want people to believe that he does not know how to speak English.

He added that he has a Schengen visa, and the only reason he could not process the other visa is that the promoters don’t know their work.

Watch him speak below:


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