Traders tackle man whose goods were almost swept by flood


A man named Paul on TikTok has posted a video of how a flood swept away his friend’s goods because he was “playing love”.

His friend nicknamed Sky sells mattresses and was trying to woo a woman when the flood started.

He didn’t realise his goods were under the rain and being swept away by the flood until his attention was called.

Some netizens found this emotional and sympathized with him in the comments section. Some of the comments read:

@Hope Nwaobia: “So sorry. Since this loss is caused by nature, nature will replace it so abundantly…”

@Boko Money “:na be small thing sorry bro just be careful with those your neighbours”

@Keji: “eyah. na so flood destroyed my mom’s good on Friday.several bags of rice wasted” 

See video here :


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