Foods Which Are Good For The Heart


The heart is the center of all functioning of the human body. heart were to stop beating, the body will die off. Pumping blood to every part of the body is it purpose. One thing we can all agree on about in this world, is that nothing or no one is perfect. And in this case, the heart is not perfect nor indestructible. There are definitely various things which pose danger to it, and if affected by any disease, the likelihood of being cured is unknown.

What is to be said about the heart is that, it must be well cared for to be able to keep functioning for a long time. That is why we must take very good care of our health, and to help the heart function well, these foods can aid the process.

Green leafy vegetables

Whole grains



Fatty fish and fish oil



Dark chocolate

Fruits ( grapes, mangoes, pineapple, apple, guava and many others).

All these food stuffs are very good for the heart, and very much strengthens it to keep on functioning.

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