How I found love and dated my son’s best friend – Mother narrates


A mother has narrated how she fell in love with her son’s 27-year-old friend and dated him for months.

However, shortly after they started dating, her ex husband came back begging for forgiveness, and she began to feel uncomfortable.

She said she broke up with the 27-year-old but still has feelings for him but people have been advising that she reconciles with her ex husband.

Sharing her story to Lively Stones, she said:

“I met my husband when I was 27 years old. We got married but the marriage ended suddenly. He cheated with our maid. We eventually separated even though he apologized but at the time, the pain he caused was too much to bear.

Since then, I have been alone, hoping one day to meet someone who will fulfil my dreams of a good husband. My son got a job at an oil company last year soon after he graduated. Things are looking good for him at age 24. He was able to buy a house in January this year and he asked me to move in with him with my daughter. So, we stay with my older son in Lekki.

My son is a good boy, I thank God he came into my life. In March, we organized a birthday party for him and some of his colleagues, friends came for the party. His friends do not believe I am his mother because I look young. One of his friends, Dave (not real name) flirted with me at the party but I shot down his advances because there was no way I was getting involved with my son’s friends.

Dave is 27 years old and since the party has not stopped trying to shoot his shot at me. My son got to know and actually told him to stay off his mother. Like Dave, I am always getting advances from men but I am not looking for just any man to sleep with. I am looking for a man to spend the rest of my life with, someone who will love and treat me right.

Dave never gives up. He was finally able to convince my son to let him talk to me. Well, things have moved further with Dave. He is a good person, well raised by his parents. But the age difference between us is my problem. I feel insecure to be dating a younger guy. He is only 3 years older than my son. But Dave does not mind one bit. He is very mature and kind.

It just that after a while, I began to feel very uncomfortable and decided to end this with Dave after 4 months of dating. Dave took it very hard. He cried. That confused me. I did could not bear it, so I agreed to continue to date Dave. I am in love with this guy. Apart from his age, everything is cool with Dave. Should I ignore how I feel about this age factor or is it a red flag?

Now, my ex husband is coming for me now. People are saying I should give him a chance because of my daughter. So, I tried to use him to forget about Dave but I can’t stop thinking about Dave. I thought maybe it was the s3x that was making it hard for me to forget him, so I slept with my ex husband. I thought maybe the feelings I have for him will make me forget Dave because I still love my ex.

However, I find myself comparing my ex to Dave and he is at 10% while Dave is like 90%…now, its like I am two timing and I dislike myself for doing that…I do not want either men to find out about each other. Should I just follow my heart for Dave and see where this thing leads? My ex is doing everything right to win me back.”


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