“I love my husband” – Lady says as she narrates how she forgave husband who cheated and inf3cted their baby


A woman has narrated how she forgave her husband who cheated on her and ended up getting infected in the process.

After getting infected, he came back home and kissed their baby who also contacted the illness through the contact.

However, despite this, his wife insists that forgiveness is key as she reiterates now she loves her husband despite all his wrongdoings.

In a post to Joro Olomofin, she said:

“My husband and I have been married for seven years. It has not been easy. But God is great. I am still a Mrs and my children are under the same roof as their biological father.

“Yes my husband cheated on me. His outside affair infected him with ST*D. His lips was swollen. I thought it was a common blister. He kissed our 9 months baby and our baby had several blisters.

We went to the hospital and the doctor asked us to get tested. We did several tests and my husband had an ST*D…. He was treated and he apologized.

His apology was so heartfelt and I had to forgive him. I am here because forgiveness is key and I’m happy my husband asked for forgiveness. My baby is fine. God is healing us. I love my husband.”


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