I put school aside because I realised it would not help me – Stripper reveals


22-year-old stripper Gifty Osei has stated that she shunned her dream of becoming a nurse because she realised that that path would be of no benefit to her. 

Nicknamed Ohemaa Baddest, Gifty mentioned that enrolling in a training college meant she had to forfeit her smoking habits. In her decision to embrace her ‘new path’ fully. Ohemaa forwent her dream. 

“l completed SHS in 2014. That was when I realised that the street was fun, so I decided to put school aside. I wanted to be a nurse. 

Later, I figured that it wouldn’t help me. I was smoking and already engaged in things I wasn’t supposed to. So it meant that I had to put everything aside if I got admission,” she disclosed. 

In her interview on Ghetto Life Story with DJ Nyaami, Ohemaa revealed that she started smoking whiles in senior high school. Moreover, Gifty shared some work experience as a stripper and a sex worker. 

“I started with weed toffee. I felt sexually aroused whenever I took it. It was very nice. We had a ghetto behind my house in Nima. That was where I got it. I also took some to school for my friends to try,” Ohemaa said. 

According to the stripper, she fled from home soon after she graduated from school. There, she began stripping at clubs and engaging in hookups (sex work). Ohemaa claimed that she earns GHS1000 per client. 

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