Ladies, Do You Have Two Holes On Your Lower Back? Then See What It Means


Our bodies can be quite shocking. Here’s one: Do you understand what a butt or dimple is? Small holes or dimples called “Venus dimples” often appear on women’s lower backs. They are also known as “Venus Holes”. Men call it “Apollo’s Hole”.

The Venusian Hole is described in detail here.

Venus contains craters.

This hole is caused by a small band being pressed between the skin and the posterior superior iliac spine. They are most often found where the two pelvic bones meet. The lack of muscle causes the skin to stretch to fill the area, creating small indentations or “holes” in the skin just above the waist.

Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty and love, was given the honorific name “Venus” because it was believed to represent beauty.

You don’t always have nice dimples. A person is born with a genital opening or not; they cannot be made.

What does all that mean?

This gap is beneficial to your health. “Venus Hole” means strong physique and good blood circulation. They are also sexual. People with Venusian holes seem to have an easier time making love. The reason for this is the good circulating capacity of the Venusian orifice and its favorable location in the pelvic region, which promotes climax. Those with Apollo or Venus dimples have sex more often because they are more aroused and tend to enjoy it more.

The hole of Venus can help you lose weight.

According to medical authorities, you are underweight if your dimples are visible, which indicates that you are of a good weight and living a full and busy life.

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