Northern Ghana TikTokers Awards Organizers Unveil 22 Categories For The Maiden Edition


The organizers of the Northern Ghana TikTokers Awards have unveiled categories for their maiden edition.

The categories unveiling was done at the official launch of the awards scheme, held on Saturday, October 8, 2022 in one of the conference halls at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, Tamale.

The Northern TikTokers Awards is been organized by Movement Records, in collaboration with FTM.

The scheme is set to acknowledge and award different TikTokers across the five Northern regions and encouraging them for their effort of providing entertainment and impacting lives through their videos on the TikTok social app.

It will also open artists and businessmen/women’s eyes to realize the relevance of the short-video-sharing platform and the pivotal roles played by the leading creative TikTokers in promoting their songs and businesses

Go through the categories below, figure out where you can best fit in before the nomination official opens.

1. Best Male TikTok act of the year

2. Best Female TikTok act of the year

3. Best Female Comic TikTok act of the year

4. Best Male Comic TikTok act of the year.

5. Best Female TikTok imitator of the year.

6. Best Male TikTok imitator of the year.

7. Most influential TikTok advertiser of the year.

8. Best Male TikTok dance of the year

9. Female TikTok dance of the year.

10. Best TikTok motivator of the year.

11. Best TikTok Most influential counselor of the year.

12. Best female fashionista (dressed) of the year.

13. Best Male fashionista of the year.

14. Best TikTok couple act of the year.

15. Best female TikTok Act of the year

16. Best Male TikTok music act of the year.

17. Most influential TikTok content creator of the year.

18. Most educative TikTok content of the year.

19. Best TikTok poet of the year.

20. Most TikTok duet of the year.

21. Overall most influential TikTok act of the year.
22.Most Vibe Tiktok Of Year

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