She Deserves Her Position : Why TV3 Should Ignore The Debates Around This Issue


Should we call a spade a spade or a big ladle? Should what is nice be described as ugly? The entire GMB2022 has been one of a kind.

Readers will admit that TV3 meticulously evicted anyone that did not meet the expected standards without second thoughts. The media station seems to know what they want.

The days to the Grande Finale had several viewers tipping Oti Region’s Aiko Adade to be the prospective ultimate winner.

Did you know that the winner was not only decided by the votes of fans? Did you observe that there will be a task after the crown was given?

Well, TV3 seems to have gotten everything right from the inception to the Grand Finale.

All five contestants had to prove the worth of their projects.

Aiko looked at how the country can tackle the issue of rabies, an important aspect of veterinary medicine.

On the other hand, Teiya looked at the bigger picture of how the migration of young ladies from the north was affecting the country and how she can resolve it.

Interestingly, Teiya’s subject matter has been tackled by several non-governmental organisations as well as the UNDP.

Teiya’s subject interest is a huge one that would require the attention of various authorities in and outside the country.

It is not surprising that she emerged as the ultimate winner on the night even though Aiko kept getting awards in the past weeks.

Well, another aspect that I was looking at was the fact that the GMB winner should be able to transport herself to shows and manage impressions.

Although age is not equivalent to experience, Teiya seems more prepared for what she wanted to undertake. She was straightforward in her delivery and was quick to admit that there was a problem in her region that could solve.

My only concern was the fact that Teiya won a car and other prizes whilst Aiko won only GHS 8,000 and Central Region’s Asiedua came third with GHS6,000.

Are the prizes meant to reward them for staying in the house for several months? Are the cash prizes not too small? Can the organisers do something about that aspect?

Even though some fans have said that Aiko was cheated, that can not be true considering the work that each did.

What TV3 should watch out for is how to make the cash prizes more attractive. Should TV3 ignore the debates surrounding the position of Aiko?

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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