She Only Gave A Pure Water Seller 4,000 Ghana Cedis – Man Recounts How Nana Agrada Does It All


Excerpts of eyewitness news this evening with Umaru Sanda on citiFM have revealed clear information on the dealings of the self-acclaimed woman of God widely known as Nana Agradaa.

A man who went to heaven way church said Agradaa had bodyguards who had machetes in their hands, they made sure no one recorded the incidents and things she said inside the church, and those who tried to challenge were beating.

Again, Agrada called a pure water seller behind the church who is known to her and gave her about 4000 Ghana cedis which is all the money she collected as a blessing.

She left to the back of the church with the money. He suspects she’s in on the scam. He wants the government to close the church and jail her, the man revealed with an angry tone.

Earlier today the said woman of God [Nana Agradaa] was before the court where she was charged for defrauding by false pretense and was denied bail too. She’s still with the police aiding in the investigation of all allegations leveled against her.

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