So What’s The Benefit Of Drawing A Grasshopper? – Reactions As Educational System Is Juxtapose


Many people have reacted to a juxtapose picture of learners having a practical section and an African teacher who has neatly drawn a grasshopper on the board.

Some people believe that the Curriculum of developed nations it’s more about practicality at young ages rather theories.

In any case, the picture depicts the reality of Ghanaian education system, undeniably. Perhaps its about time we appreciate that our system of education is poor.

Another group of thought sees it that, one picture seems to show Physics or Engineering at high school level and the other picture shows Biology at the SHS level. So how do you compare two incomparable variables?

Education even at the developed countries starts from known to unknown, that’s from theory to practical. Check the Britain and American curriculums.


“At the end of the day if you couldn’t name all the parts you have failed the exams and your life ” . A user wrote.

Another user wrote;

“Education in Africa has to be reviewed and restructured. We have not benefited from drawing this others but still that is what they keep teaching students. Africa must wake up and unite to do something different.” A user wrote.

A user also asserted that, most of our leaders schooled outside but still don’t replicate the things that are done outside here.

We cannot also downplay the importance of insects in disease control and the food production chain.

The problem is that we get to choose our field of study only in the SHS and the Unis making people feel what they studied earlier is a waste if they don’t end up in a related field but how many of us ends up working in our actual fields of study?

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