The Country Cannot ‘Progress’ If Ghanaians Keep Listening To These 3 Journalists – Maurice Ampaw


Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has bemoaned the rate at which some media house criticizes and preach against the government of the day. According to the veteran lawyer, some Ghanaians have stooped so low to listen to misinformation from some journalists. While speaking on Mmra Ne Abrabo Mu Nsem, the lawyer mentioned that President Akufo-Addo has done his part as president and Ghanaians need to applaud him for that.

He mentioned that the economic crises that Ghanaians are going through is not as a result of bad governance but rather as a result of external shocks. He called for more patience for the president. According to Maurice Ampaw, there is no way Akufo-Addo can solve all of Ghana’s problems. He stated that aside the economic challenges, there are a number of journalists who are making the country hell for Ghanaians.

He mentioned Captain Smart, Johnnie Hughes and Kevin Taylor as journalists who are making things difficult for President Akufo-Addo. In explaining, Maurice mentioned that the NDC have intentionally signed some journalist to spread propaganda against the government of the day. He said that as long as these 3 journalists stay active they might end up kicking the NPP out of government.

He cited the huge following of these journalists and said they are part of the reason why the government is unpopular. Maurice Ampaw called on the NPP communicators to stay alert and vociferous because these 3 journalists are piling heat and polluting the minds of Ghanaians. Maurice concluded that as long as Kevin, Johnnie and Captain Smart are allowed to continuing on the airwaves they will eventually sway the minds of Ghanaians and prevent the people from supporting the president to govern the country.

Do you agree with Maurice Ampaw? Are the 3 journalists mentioned above degrading the progress of the country or it is the case that government communicators are have gone cold?

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