What Are The Effects Of Caffeine On The Human Body?


Most people rely on morning cup of coffee or a jolt of coffee in the afternoon to help them get through the day. But caffeine does so much more than just keeping us awake throughout the day. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulants that affects our body in numerous ways.

Caffeine provides no nutritional value on its own, however some medications may contain caffeine which we may lack knowledge about.

Extra caffeine doesn’t get stored in the body, it’s processed in the liver and exits through urine.

At a minimum you may feel more energetic but over time, too much of caffeine will cause withdrawal symptoms. When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effects is alertness.

Those who take high of octane coffee, it helps them to reduce the risk of dementia.

Too much intake of caffeine may lead to high blood pressure and also cause muscle twitch.

An overdose of caffeine may cause rapid or irregular heartbeat and breathing problem.

In rare cases caffeine overdose can result in death due to convulsions or irregular heartbeat.

So we must check the intake of caffeine in our daily diets.

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