What These White Spots On The Fingernails Means


If you’re paying close attention, you might have seen some white spots on your or someone else’s fingernails. They’re referred to as leukonychia. Have you ever wondered why your fingernails have these white spots on them? View their meaning in this article.

1. An injury to the nail

If you have one in your fingernail, you may have damaged your nails or whacked it hard enough to hurt the inside. It can take some time for the white spot to disappear.

2. Lack of vitamins and minerals.

You may be lacking in vitamins and minerals like zinc, calcium, and vitamin D if you have these white spots on your fingernails. Having a sufficient intake of meals high in vitamins and minerals can stop this.

3. Nails treatment

This is an additional factor that could result in white spots on the nails. To make themselves look more elegant and appealing, many women today are accustomed to wearing artificial nails. Your nails may suffer a little from manicures, especially if the glue is used to attach the false nails.

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