Why This Picture Of GMB “Speaks” Volumes


Readers will admit that Queen Teiya has not had things easy competing against the likes of Oti Region’s Aiko, Central Region’s Asiedua, Eastern Region’s Amoani and Volta Region’s Xornam.

TV3 Ghana posted a picture of the 2021GMB winner putting the crown on Teiya. The picture should not be taken as a mere one as it speaks volumes.

This picture has attracted the reactions of many Ghanaians. It should be noted that this picture is the actual contract that publicly gives Teiya the authority to serve as Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen for 2022. She has one year to justify why she got the crown.

Queen Sarfoa, on the other hand, deserves applause for working hard for a year without the crown being taken from her. Queen Sarfoa worked on her prison project tirelessly until she took the crown off her head to wear on the head of the new Queen.

This means that Teiya must also work hard to manage her “Kayayei project” to comfortably hand over her crown in a year.

Queen Sarfoa had no audacity to have asked for an extension and Teiya must do well to work within the period that she reigns.

The smile on the faces of both the outgoing and incoming queens is another important aspect of the picture. Did you see how Sarfoa joyously pulled the crown from her head to put on Teiya’s?

Did anyone help her to wear the crown on Teiya’s head? This shows that there should be a good rapport between the past and present queens. It is not enough to become a leader if past leaders can not smile at you. The Queens must retain their smiles towards each other.

We hope that Teiya will carry out her duties successfully to enable her hand over happily to another Queen.

What are your impressions about the picture posted by TV3 Ghana?

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