8-Year-Old Adobea Has A Message For Women Who Undergo Surgery To Enhance Their Backsides


Women turn to a Brazilian butt lift to enhance their figure, fit better in their clothes, and diminish any areas of unwanted fat around their bodies. The main reason why women undergo surgery to enhance their buttocks is to get the curves that make them feel confidently sexy. Most patients can expect the results of a Brazilian butt lift to last five years or more. In some cases, the results can last a decade if you treat the procedure to maximize the results. However, the consequences of this surgery in the future are horrible and dangerous.

A young Ghanaian girl 8 years old has been recorded on camera advising women in Ghana to stop doing surgery to enhance their buttocks and breasts. According to the person who posted this video on social media, her name is Adobea. Speaking on camera, she said that God has given all women a perfect body to suit them. If you are gifted with a big or small buttock, take it like that and be thankful to your maker. Removing fats in your stock to fill your backside is not a good idea. The consequences are many.

The young girl also said that it was because of butt enlargement that Bishop Daniel Obinim’s wife can not come to Ghana. Michael Jackson died because of surgery to enhance the shape of his nose. The interviewer then asked the little girl whether she will not do butt enlargement when she grows up. And she responded, “I am already beautiful, what do I need butt enlargement for. I will never do that because when you do it, you grow older very fast. The weight on your backside makes you develop waist pains and people will be calling you Mama! Mama!, meanwhile, you are just under 40 years”.

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