Attorney General straight forward message on Aisha Huang Case


The Attorney General and the Minister Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame said that Aisha Huang case will be heard for the third time for the necessary sanctions to be meted out to her when found guilty.

The minister while addressing the media indicated that the chinese woman, Aisha Huang, is trying the country’s security and laws as well and must be dealt with when found guilty in the court of law come 24th October 2022.

He added that Aisha Huang has been charged with four crimes and is currently under trial when the court finds her guilty she will be prosecuted according to the laws of Ghana.

Some charges levelled against the chinese galamsay operator, Aisha Huang include;

She entered into the country illegally.

Aisha Huang was cought as an illegal miner and deported but she finds her way into the country illegally to continue with her usual galamsey work.

Aisha Huang is again charge of trying to change her name in the National Identification Authority dashboard in other to secure Ghana card.

This and many more has been stated by the Attorney General which he instigated to be criminal offenses according to the laws of Ghana and must be prosecuted according to the laws of the land. He said no one can defile the laws of the country and go scott free. And that matter anyone found guilty upon successful breach of the law must be tried and prosecuted if necessary.

That means the laws of Ghana are sacred and their sanctity must be preserved with all the powers to do so.

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