Check Out Elvis Afriyie Ankrah’s Brilliant Reply When Asked What His Biggest Weakness Is


Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the Director of Elections at the biggest opposition this afternoon joined Osei Bonsu on the award winning socio-political show, Ekosii Sen. Elvis is one of the 3 candidates contesting for the NDC general Secretary elections. He will come up against Dr. Peter Otukonor and Fifi Kwetey. It will be interesting to see who takes over from incumbent Johnson Asiedu Nketia.

OB and Afriyie Ankrah discussed a number of issues about the NDC and the country. One important question that Elvis was asked was regards to his biggest weakness or drawback. According to the man who led the NDC in the last 2 election defeats he feels his passion is his biggest flaw. He explained that because of his zeal for the NDC he sometimes goes all out to get the needed results and this though good sometimes doesn’t really augur well in the end.

“My weakness is that I am too passionate. The thing is that if I want something I put in my spirit, strength and my everything into it. It is good in some way but I also need to tone down. Recently, I toned down and people complained bitterly. I wore a suit recently and some people also complained and said I had lost the fire. So I am working to be in the middle” Elvis explained

Perhaps one of such enthusiasms was his press conference during the last elections where he announced that the NDC had flipped a number of parliamentary seats from the NPP. Indeed, Elvis was asked why he granted that presser when he knew that the NDC hadn’t flipped certain seats he had mentioned. According to Elvis, there is a strategy in every game and the NDC took advantage. He stated that the NDC received intelligence that the NPP were about to make some false allegations about seats they had won so they the NDC had to give a preemptive strike first.

Maybe this is the zeal and passion that Elvis is talking about as his weakness. However, this weakness or passion might mean nothing because Fifi Kwetey and Otukonor are also tough when it comes to propaganda and policy initiations. If this is the weakness of Elvis, then his competitors are more zealous.

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