Cold coffee and noodles? Now that’s the plug, or maybe not


Noodles are comfort food, and almost everyone is a fan. While some like to have it plain, others enjoy it with vegetables and a dash of spices.

And no matter how much you like your ‘two minute’ noodles, you may never want to try one made with cold coffee.

Agree? Well, a video of a man preparing cold coffee Maggi noodles was posted online, and it has left the internet disgusted.

The video of the cold coffee noodles was shared on Instagram by @radiokarohan. The clip begins with a street vendor pouring cold coffee into a pan. He then opens a packet of Maggi noodles, breaks it into pieces, and adds it to the beverage. He goes on to add chopped onion, capsicum, red chilli, coriander leaves, and seasoning. The man did not stop there and added the coffee powder to the dish. Once done, he serves the cold coffee noodles with tomato ketchup on top.

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Shared last week, the video has garnered many views, likes, and comments.

The video also has been drawing reactions from social media users who have expressed their disgust at the weird food combination in the comments section.

One user commented, “RIP Maggi.”

A second user commented: “Seriously!??? Why the hell!!!,”

A third user wrote: “How do you find such kandi chefs??” While another wrote: “May the noble soul rest in peace”.

Maggi has been subject to some strange combinations lately. The same @radiokarohan shared a video of raspberry ice-cream noodles last month which also left the internet shaking.

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In the clip, noodles were boiled and cooked normally in a stainless steel pot. Then, a full raspberry ice cream was dropped into the noodles, and flavours of it were infused into the dish. Even the ice cream stick was not removed from the ice lolly. Next, the noodles were cooked and scooped out into a waffle cone. To add to the eccentric nature of the dish, the street vendor served the ice cream noodles with grated cheese on top.



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