GRA on course to beat target — Collects GH¢51.6bn in nine months


THE Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has said it is on course to collect more revenue this year than it was tasked to mobilise.

The authority disclosed that data on revenue collections for the third quarter of the year showed that it had mobilised more revenue than it usually would do within the period – signalling that the GRA could surpass the 2022 target should it keep up with the momentum until the year ends.

It said both the volume and annual revenue growth had impressed, strengthening the hopes of the tax collection and administration that it could exceed its target for the year.

The Commissioner-General of the GRA, Reverend Amisshaidai Owusu-Amoah, said in Accra on October 7, that unlike previous years when revenue inflows for the year normally equalled about 70 per cent of the year’s target, collections rose to 72 per cent by September, this year.

Mr Owusu-Amoah said that was a strong signal that the authority could exceed its revised target of GH¢74 billion for the year if it worked a little harder.

Special engagement

The commissioner-general was addressing the editors at the engagement meant to deepen the collaboration between the top brass of the GRA and the media.

It also featured presentations on GRA’s new innovations, including the electronic invoicing of value added tax (VAT), e-tax clearance certificate and the e-auctioning platform being piloted.

The numbers

Breaking down the numbers, the GRA Commissioner-General said as of September, the authority had collected GH¢51.6 billion which represented 72 per cent of its revised target for this year.

He said the amount also represented an annual growth rate of 29 per cent – above the 26 per cent growth rate recorded in 2021.


Reverend Owusu-Amoah, however, said the GH¢51.6 collected in the first three quarters was GH¢450 million below the period’s target.

He said in spite of the shortfall, evidence showed that the authority was on course to beat the target set for it by the government for the year.

“Normally, in September, we would have collected 70 per cent of what we have to collect and then we do the 30 per cent in the last three months of the year.

“But as a we speak, we have collected about 72 per cent and, therefore, you can see that with the three months left to go, we have a lesser stretch,” the GRA Commissioner-General said.

Revised targets

In the 2022 Budget, GRA was tasked to collect GH¢80.17 billion in revenue. That target was, however, revised downwards to GH¢74.23 billion in the mid-year budget review to reflect weaknesses identified in the economy.

The GRA boss said in spite of challenges, the authority was determined to improve upon collections.

“Our ambition and determination is not the revised target; we are working hard towards the original target.

“As for the revised targets, we are sure that looking at where we are, definitely, we will clear it but considering the fact that tax-to-GDP ratio is low, we will continue to work hard towards the original target,” he said


Mr Owusu-Amoah said the strong revenue growth was linked to the increased efforts by the authority to increase compliance.

The commissioner-general mentioned the authority’s digitalisation agenda that had led to the introduction of electronic platforms for tax payment, filling of returns and the issuance of VAT invoices and tax clearance certificates.

He said the authority had also rolled out a nationwide inspection exercise to ensure that taxpayers complied fully with their tax liabilities.

He said the exercise led to the arrest of a number of individuals and closure of some institutions over allegations of malpractices.

The commissioner-general said the affected taxpayers were now being screened and processed for the tax courts.



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