Here Is The Italian Seria A Team Of The Week.


The 2022/2023 Italian Seria A has commenced, most of the players are playing good football in other to help their team win the league title and also make individual achievements for themselves as well.

Here is the Italian Seria A team of the week:

In the goal post we have Ivan Providal as the first choice goal keeper in the goal post by making some crucial saves for SSC Lazio.

The defenders we have Mauf and Nuno Perez as the two paring center backs, Claudio Augusta on the right side of defense and Di Lorenzo on the left side of defense.

The mid fielders we have Serjic Milnkovic Savic and Vecino as the double pivots in the mid field, Pererya on the left side of the center half and Zaccagni on the right side of the center half.

The attackers we have Ciro Immobile and Edwin Dzeko as the two leading attackers.

These players were outstanding for their team’s by playing fantastic football.

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