“I won’t date a guy who stays with his parents”


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A Ghanaian woman has said a man who stays with his parents is not fit for her to date or start a relationship with.

According to her, her pastor has directed her not to entertain men who, for one reason or another, do not have their own place and have to share with their parents.

Tweeting and sharing her reasons, Agyeiwaa said she would not like the inconveniences that come with a guy who loves his parents.

As a lover, she would love to date a man who has a place he calls his own in order to ensure privacy and earn respect.

Sammy wrote: Young kings if you are not ready to move out , stay put ! Make nobro pressure you cos it’s heat out here

Banks wrote: A guy looking after his parents, being the head of the house, taking responsibility, paying bills.

Solomon wrote: They expect a guy who is still in school or not yet employed immediately after school to be having a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment whiles they stay in one room with their 3 junior sisters but come here to chase clout

Quest wrote: That’s why some of u will die single. Instead to pray for a Good man Everything is a red flag to you women


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