IDG: Engage key female influencers – Gender Ministry advocates


Gender Minister

The Ministry of Gender, Children and social Protection, has urged all stakeholders to promote the wellbeing of girls in the country.

The Ministry made the call in line with the celebration of the International Day of the Girl (IDG) on Tuesday October 11.

In a statement, the Ministry said “The celebrations also calls on every concerned citizen to take action on the following ways engage female key influencers across industries to be the face of change we want girls to see as possible, amplify your commitment to raise awareness about and addressing factors that hold girls back.”

On this celebration, education think tank, Eduwatch has asked the government target investment in the girl child education.

“Efforts aimed at ending child marriage must begin with the prevention of teenage
pregnancy and resourcing of social protection and Justice Sector

“Institutions mandated to prevent child marriage, protect rescued girls from further exploitation, arrest and prosecute perpetrators.

“Underlying a child marriage free society is a strong foundation of education and skills
training for girls, especially the poor. Girls educated to the secondary level and beyond
are 95% less likely to become victims of child marriage.

“The time is now for government and stakeholders to make more targeted investments
to provide equitable, quality education and skills  training for girls, especially those from poor households, and resource social protection and Justice Sector Institutions to combat Child Marriage,” Eduwatch said in a statement.

By Laud Nartey||Ghana



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