I’m A Muslim But I Know More Bible Quotations Than You – NDC MP Tells Fellow Panelist


Murtala Mohammed, MP for Tamale central today threw a challenged to Bernard Mornah, former chairman of the PNC over Bible verses. The two joined Roland Walker on TV3’s The Big Issues. The discussion centered on the ongoing trial of Agradaa. The fetish priestess turned pastor has been in Police custody since Sunday after some allegations were levelled against him by heir church members.

When Murtala Mohammed got the chance to say his mind about the issue he quoted Matthew 7:15-16 and this got both Roland Walker and Bernard Mornah laughing. The scripture calls on people to be careful of false prophets who will come in sheep’s clothing. The verse 16 states that by, “by their fruits you shall know them”. Murtala sought to say that by the actions of some religious leaders their true character will be revealed.

According to Bernard Mornah he is a Catholic but he does not frequently go to church. Murtala who wasn’t happy that he was being teased for quoting boldly told Bernard Mornah that he was laughing at him despite he Mornah not knowing much in the Bible. Murtala questioned why he being a Muslim will be teased by a Christian who hardly even knows the Bible. He mentioned that he knows more truths in the Bible than Bernard Mornah.

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