I’m demanding an answer in the next 48 hours – Dr Kobi Mensa tells the vice president in an open letter.


Dr. kobi Mensah used his Twitter page to ask the vice president some few questions about the current state of the country in the following words;

Dear Vice President,

I think it’s about time some of us begin to question your commitment to the economic agenda you proudly paraded on your ‘Bawumia Speaks’ platforms leading to the 2016 elections, which culminated into your now infamous nickname “the economic wizard.” This title, which was conferred on you by the President and perhaps roundly applauded by the middle class of Ghana, contributed hugely to the campaign success of your party. Today, none of those economic frameworks and theories you propounded is working, and the majority of those who touted you as an economic wizard, the President, I am sure, are surprised. I am particularly surprised about your loud silence. At least, Ghanaians deserve to hear from you on the way forward but what we are getting is rather another round of campaigning, as if to say we are just a bunch of jokers in this country.

Firstly, I understand you were up North touring and surreptitiously campaigning at these crucial and difficult times of economic malaise, instead of signaling to the people of Ghana how you and your team are solving the problems. Just as you posed some questions to the then Vice President, Kwesi Amissah -Arthur, of blessed memory, and may Allah keep him warmly, I have a few questions of my own, which I believe you should be far more capable of answering.

Kindly attempt to answer all of the following questions, hoping that you will do so in about 48 hours. Please, you are allowed to open and refer to any book of your choice, your notes from when you were campaigning in opposition leading to the 2016 election.

1. What is the True state of the Ghanaian economy?

2. What is your take on Moody’s downgrade of the Ghanaian economy to junk status?

3. What is your Plan to get us out of our current economic misery?

Why are you now claiming to be inspecting Hospital projects, Agenda 111 instead of concentrating on the economic issues? Just recently you left the economy for digitalization, It is a fantastic area that I particularly adore but wasn’t part of your platform for which reason majority of Ghanaians followed you. Now you are inspecting agenda 111 when you are not the health minister.

What’s your take on this letter ? Please drop your comment below.

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