Is this normal? Flatmate keeps pressure cooker and frying pan in fridge – Twitter is divided


Anyone who has shared a living space with another person or other people is bound to have had some flatmate(s) horror stories.

Sharing your space with someone may come at a price. You have to adjust and compromise too according to their lifestyle.

Twitter recently became a stage for an interesting debate after one man posted a picture of a pressure cooker and a frying pan in the fridge. User @rakshitbaveja stated that it was the result of telling his flatmate to keep the leftover food in the fridge.

In the post, the user revealed that he had asked his flatmate to store the leftover dhal and rice in the refrigerator. Much to his surprise, he saw that the flatmate had kept the entire pressure cooker and pan directly in the fridge.

“Asked my flatmate to keep leftover dal and rice in fridge. Woke up to this, GM,” he wrote.

The tweet by @rakshitbaveja left several people online divided.

While some claimed that this is a very smart solution, others downright disagreed and said the pressure cooker does not belong in the fridge.

The tweet has gained over 300 retweets and over 700 likes since the time of publication. Needless to say, it has got people talking.

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One user wrote: “This guy is smart because this way you don’t have to wash double the amount of containers.”

A second user wrote: “You are supposed to move the food in a container, not put the whole cooker in the fridge.”

A third wrote: “To everyone asking what’s wrong in it? … What if you wanna cook something else the next day in the cooker or the pan? You have to move the contents into a box, just do it before putting it in the fridge and let that utensil soak overnight, easier to wash..!!”

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