Kylian Mbape is currently not happy with his team and is seeking transfer.


The world class player Kylian Mbape’ is currently not happy with his team Paris Saint German (PSG). The issue is greatly expanding in as much that Kylian Mbape’ is willing to leave as soon as possible.

The team on the other hand talks about how the world class player Kylian Mbape’ has been putting pressure on club. Upon all the pressure the player gives, the team still has no intention of selling him in January.

Maybe as time passes by, the team will have to release Kylian Mbape’ into the world players market. Even as he keeps putting pressure on the team.

Funs of both the player and the team are commenting from different perspective as to against or for each sides motions. Some of the comments Includes; 

“A lesson for both PSG and Mbape’. You can’t be in a relationship for a long time by force”,

“It will be good for PSG Last window he was going for free now he will be sold for a price…… last time he ditched Real Madrid now it’s Madrid’s time to kick him in the ass”,

“Who will buy him?”.

This and so many other comments are in the air.

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Kylian Mbape
Kylian Mbape’


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