Massive Reactions As TV3 Ghana Drops This Picture Of Shatta Wale


Is it true that some people would hate others to the extent of tarnishing their image to others? How true is it that there are some “gate-keepers” in the entertainment industry whose work is to open or close the doors for musicians?

In a recent interview, Ghana’s Shatta Wale opened up a number of issues the fact that some gate-keepers are creating issues for him.

He explained to Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana host about how he has suffered in the hands of some leading industry players who would not say anything good about him to potential investors.

” I am grateful that Beyonce’s team bypassed industry gatekeepers. The gatekeepers would have lied about me to her team”.

TV3 Ghana posted the picture of Shatta Wale and Beyonce on its heavily followed social media platform. The media house did a story about Shatta Wale’s recent comments.

To what extent is Shatta Wale speaking about his issues and how do the said ” gate-keepers” impact the tourism industry?

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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