Missing man found with hand in rat hole [Video]



A 64-year-old man, Agya Osei, who went missing for about three days at Sehwi Asempanaye in the Western North Region, has been found in a bush.

Information gathered by Adom News suggests he was found in the bush with his right hand trapped in a rat hole after he was believed to have been chasing the animal.

He is said to have left his home for his cocoa farm on Saturday but did not return.

The matter was, therefore, reported to the traditional authorities who poured a libation for a search to be mounted for him.

The search party went on Saturday evening and Sunday but there was no sign of Agya Osei.

Fortunately for him, two women who were on their way to fetch firewood on Monday afternoon found weak and feeble Agya Osei in the farm.

They rushed to call for help following which the old man, whose head was also said to have been stuck in a tree branch, was rescued with mud all over his body.

Traditional authorities and some residents, who went to the scene, have expressed shock over the incident which they have described as unusual.

The traditional rulers have, therefore, announced plans to pour libation and perform rituals to avert any calamity that may befall the town because of the incident.

Agya Osei is currently undergoing medical attention at the Sefwi Asempanaye government hospital.

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