No Listening President Overlooks Economic Hardships To Go For An Award – Johnnie Hughes


President Akufo-Addo yesterday made presentation to UNESCO as the Board’s 125th meeting. He spoke about how education is being neglected because of certain negative situations that has affected the country like Covid-19 and Ukraine Russian war. He called for more investments in education. Afterwards the President was awarded an honorary doctorate degree conferred on him by the Sorbonne University.

This will be the third honorary doctorate degree conferred on the president. The first was an honorary Doctorate of Law degree in 2016 given to him by the Fort Hare University in South Africa. The second was from the University of Liberia who awarded the president the Doctor of Humane Letters. Many Ghanaians have questioned why despite the economic hardships in the country, the President is still frolicking going after awards.

On Johnnies Bite, Johnnie Hughes questioned how listening and understanding Akufo-Addo is. According to him the President keeps overlooking all the problems in the country and acting as if all is well. He bemoaned why the president keeps going to pick up awards and make presentations while his people suffer.

Johnnie explained that this attitude of the President shows that he is not the listening president. According to him the President should stop flying around the world and rather focus on the country. Johnnie raised questions about school feeding and the fall of the cedi and wondered why the President isn’t listening to the plight of Ghanaians and the various calls coming to him to do something.

Johnnie added that awards will do nothing if the personality himself isn’t performing. He charged the President to sit up and listen to the grievances of the people because he had promised better and needs to do so. President Akufo-Addo is currently in France on a 6-day working visit of the country.

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Doctorate of Law
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